Treat You as a Friend

I had been suffering with lower back pain going down my legs to my ankles for over a year.  I had four epidural injections and two months physical therapy.  The pain seem to be getting worse.  Then I saw an ad for spinal decompression at DiBella Chiropractic.  I’ve had 12 sessions and the relief is other than a miracle.  I feel I have my life back.  I recommend Dr. Larissa DiBella to everyone.  Her compassion and care was unbelievable.  All the office staff treat you as a friend not a patient.  Thank you.

Candy R.

You Are the Best

Words cannot express how you made me feel “health-wise” after my car accident.  In all my years, I have never seen a more pleasant group of people to deal with.

I have told everyone that they should only choose DiBella Chiropractic Center!  You are the best!  Thank you.

Linda Y.

Chronic Headaches

I suffered from chronic headaches, ear pains, pressure in my mouth and constant diagnosis. I was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease and tried everything from medication, diet, bed rest and diurectics with no relief.

I decided to go back to DiBella Chiropractic. They had helped me before with my back; perhaps they had an answer. It worked. Even after the very first session, I had some relief. By the fourth session, I was able to sleep again and was able to start exercising daily. The Dibella’s used a combination of alignments and Acupuncture to treat Meniere’s. They’re reassurance and encouragement helped me remain hopeful. In fact, their entire staff was compassionate and friendly.

Karen S.

I Feel Healthier Than Before

Prior to starting care, I was having lots of muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders. This pain would trigger migraine headaches that would last for several days. I began noticing a difference after the first visit and a bigger difference after I reached the maintenance level. I have reduced swelling in the neck and shoulders, less headaches and better mobility of the head and neck. Overall, I feel healthier than before chiropractic care.

N. Webb

Get Rid of the Cause

My first impressions of this office were that everyone was friendly and interested in helping me not only to get rid of the pain but also get rid of the cause. I found them to be very professional, patient and helpful with the insurance.

S. Metzelaar

I Knew He Could Help

Prior to starting chiropractic care, I was having pain in the lower part of my back that prevented me from doing my daily activities. After my first visit with Dr. DiBella and his explaining to me what was wrong, I knew he could help. He was sincere and treated me with patience and respect. After the first two visits, I began to feel better. I now come in once a month to maintain my health.

D. Willis

Relieve Stress and Tension

I would recommend chiropractic, if nothing but to relieve stress and tension. In absolutely one treatment, you will tell the difference!

S. Johnson

I Couldn’t Sleep

Prior to starting care with Dr. DiBella, I was having unbearable pain my my lower back and neck. I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t walk or ride in a car; basically, my whole life was changed. I felt good knowing someone cared about how I felt and wanted to help me get better. Dr. DiBella explained what a chiropractor was, he answered all of my questions and listened to to problems I was having. His hours were convenient, too. As of today, I’m improving at a rapid rate. I can work now, sit, walk and ride. I’m 85 percent better.

C. Hill

You Will Be Pleasantly Surprised

Prior to starting with chiropractic, I was suffering with severe neck pain and headaches. I saw my medical doctor who prescribed medications that either made me sick or drowsy. These pills only helped with my symptoms and didn’t treat the cause of my problems. I occasionally get headaches now and instead of taking a pill, I get an adjustment. My recommendation to anyone is treat the cause of your pain, don’t cover it up with drugs. Give chiropractic a try! You will be pleasantly surprised.

D. Dion

An Answer to My Prayers

Thank you for your care and patience this morning. I wish words could adequately express to you the joy I am experiencing. NEVER, has a migraine left me as soon as the one I had today. You and your treatment are an answer to my prayers. I look forward to continuing additional treatment with the hope that acupuncture will also work as a preventative for the frequency of my headaches.

A. Church

Definate Improvement in the Range of Motion

Before starting chiropractic care I was expereincing a burning in my hip and and thigh joint and neck pain/stiffness. I had seen a chiropractor in the past and had acheived good results. I expereinced a flare-up of my condition and came to see Dr. Larissa. I was impressed with the staff and doctor’s concern, methods and treatments. Since starting my care I have noticed a definate improvement in the range of motion in my neck and a decrease in the pain from the arthritis in my neck. My husband and father-in-law both have seen Dr. Larissa for back and shoulder problems and have also had success. I would definately recommend that others try chiropractic.

M. Best

Daily Severe Migraine

I used to suffer with daily severe migraine headaches with almost daily vomiting. I tried everything including daily Imitrex shots, anti-seizure medication and anti-depressants. I underwent a spinal tap, a CAT Scan, and a MRI. The doctors couldn’t figure out why this was happening. A friend recommended I try chiropractic and I was desparate. I had doubts that chiropractic would help. After seeing Dr. DiBella for several months I am now off all drugs and have very few headaches. The vomiting is gone too! I now come in on a maintenance basis to keep my neck in good shape. To others considering Chiropractic: Try it! It works! I would highly recommend chiropractic care to anyone. It has really helped me; I’m a different person!

L. Duffy