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Good Chiropractic  Care - Chiropractors Corner

This week, I really wanted to focus on how much good chiropractic work can be doing for our country as a whole along with you as an individual. We comment a lot about how we are non-invasive and how those who come to us can’t expect to receive pain killers and be sent home, but that doesn’t always translate to how that is helpful. In light of many things, including the health care plans that are currently being debated by the government, we wanted to remind you just how beneficial some of our treatments can be.

First, I wanted to comment on how we don’t use surgery or injections. Many of us, myself included, don’t like the idea of going under the knife. While we all know that it is sometimes unavoidable, it is always good to avoid it if we can. There are many more complications that can arise from going under anesthesia than can come from having your neck cracked. You may have a bad reaction to the medication that is injected in you and even though your doctor normally will hold you to make sure that doesn’t occur, it can still be terrifying if it does. While we certainly aren’t saying that you should never use this as an option, you may want to think about going through other possibilities first.

Secondly, I really wanted to bring up the opioid usage our country is seeing right now. Quite a few people I know have passed from overdosing and even more of those people know others who have passed from this. A large amount of people are battling many different kinds of addictions and drugs are currently one of the most dangerous kinds that we as a country are dealing with. While we know that chiropractic care won’t be able to stop drug and opioid addiction and abuse, there is always the hope that we can make even a small amount of difference.

We always want to remind you that you should talk with your general practitioner about the type of treatment you are going to seek. They should be kept up to date with what you are doing medically and this includes with chiropractic treatments. Come into DiBella Chiropractic and let us know how you want us to help you.

Magnesium and Migraines with a Side of Chiropractic Care

Magnesium and Migraines with a Side of Chiropractic Care

A great many people are what doctors refer to as “migrainers”. This is a term that simply means that you have migraines for a certain amount of time or a certain number of times every month. If you suffer from migraines, you know just how seriously they can impact your life. Like many other disorders, however, they can appear in different people in many different ways. There is no one way to have a migraine, although it does normally involve a severe headache with photosensitivity, noise sensitivity, dizziness, nausea, and possibly even spells of passing out.

A recent study was done in Iran which showed that there might be a connection between people who suffer from migraines and their magnesium levels. While this study was relatively small, with only one hundred people, there has also been other research done which shows similar results. In this study, fifty people who suffer from migraines and fifty people who have not had bloodwork done and there was a nearly .25mg/dl difference found between the two groups of people in regards to their magnesium levels. It should be mentioned that there was no difference found in the magnesium levels of people with migraines between or during their attacks.

Some headache experts have begun prescribing magnesium for those who suffer from chronic migraines in an attempt to curb the symptoms that are experienced. Migraines are no small issue when it comes to those who have them. If you or someone you love suffers from them, you will know exactly what I mean. These can also morph into different forms of migraines depending on stimuli and the symptoms may change from those listed above into even more serious ones. There are cases where people who have not had migraines for years after treatment began to have different forms of them with symptoms that they had never before experienced. This is often terrifying, as they are not used to having these issues anymore, let alone with these changed symptoms.

One good thing for you to know is that chiropractic care is often recommended for migraine sufferers. If you deal with the symptoms listed above, come into DiBella Chiropractic and we will see if we can help you get back to your normal life and habits through the use of spinal and neck adjustments.

Take Home Message of the Week - Back Pain - Chiropractors Corner

Back Pain  - Chiropractors Corner

This week we really wanted to focus on back pain. Back pain is an epidemic that affects thousands if not millions of Americans every single day. While every person’s pain is caused by a different set of circumstances, we never want to see someone suffering, especially if it can be helped. If you have back pain, especially chronic back pain, we want you to know that there may be things that you can do to relieve yourself of it. Getting rid of your back pain may just be the best thing you’ve ever been able to do for yourself.

If you are like us, then you will do just about everything possible before going into surgery. Surgery is time consuming, stressful, and often very expensive. Even things like medication may not be your favorite option. While they may help, pills often only mask the symptoms and don’t get to the root of the problem. While this is okay for something like a minor pulled muscle, it will not be much help for a severe injury or something that has pain that lasts for more than a day or two. You don’t want to take too much medication for many reasons, but what else can you do if you have a hurt back?

If you are in pain, then you should definitely come into DiBella Chiropractic. We often see a lot of people during the warmer months because we are all more active when it’s warmer. While the winter does have issues of its own, the summer sees us all enjoying ourselves which unfortunately can mean that it’s easier for us to get hurt. After all, don’t you get excited for the first few warm days? I don’t know about you, but I love going outside and walking around, maybe tossing a ball around with some friends, and doing other things around the house to spruce the place up a bit and clean it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen off of a step ladder while trying to clean on top of the cabinets and hurt my back while doing a spring cleaning type thing in my house. If this happens to you, then don’t hesitate to come into DiBella Chiropractic as soon as you can!

Swimming and Your Health - Chiropractors Corner

Swimming and Your Health  - Chiropractors Corner

Swimming can be a great way to stay cool during the summer months. It is also great to keep yourself healthy! Not only is swimming an enjoyable activity, but it is one of the best types of exercise that almost anyone can take part in. While I may be a little biased as I wistfully listen to the filter and pump of the pool outside my apartment window, I can assure you that swimming is a great way to keep yourself fit. Here are some of the reasons that swimming is such a great summer activity.

  1. Low Impact. This is arguably the best reason to get into a swimming pool pronto. Moving around in water helps to reduce the impact that your joints take, so it is softer on aging or chronically ill bodies than any other type of exercise. While running or tennis may be better for losing weight, those of us who can’t move that quick or for that long need to find something that still works out our bodies while still being gentle. That is exactly what swimming does. If you are immersed up to your neck, you are only dealing with ten percent of your body weight. Even if you aren’t comfortable with this, you can stand in waist deep water and only have to bear about fifty percent. That is great no matter what kind of exercise you are trying to do!

  2. Increased Strength. Due to the higher resistance that water provides as opposed to air, you may very well be able to improve your muscle tone by doing the same amount of work that a runner does but in a pool. Combine this with the low impact that the water provides you, and it would be almost silly not to want to climb in a pool right now! It has even shown to improve the bone strength of post-menopausal women and others, so that means almost all of your body can benefit from getting into the water.

These are only two of dozens of reasons to get into your nearest pool. While we do suggest you ask permission from whoever owns the pool first, jumping right in may be just what you need. Stick around and we may explain a few more reasons why you should get into some water before and after heading into DiBella Chiropractic.

Concern About Chiropractic Care - Chiropractors Corner

Concern About Chiropractic Care  - Chiropractors Corner

This week, I wanted to focus on some of the questions we hear on an almost daily basis. There is still a lot of concern about chiropractic care among many people, both in and out of the medical community. We always do our best to get rid of those fears, but it can be difficult to battle with the false information that people often find on the internet or by talking to friends who read incorrect articles or articles that spin the truth.

For example, last year there was an unfortunate incident where a model ended up passing away after receiving chiropractic care. She had a stroke which was blamed upon the spinal manipulation she had undergone. This caused many news agencies and magazines to put out headlines which stated that she died due to receiving chiropractic care. While it is true that the stroke was caused by the sharp movement, it was also likely that the woman had a pre-existing vascular issue. The likelihood of this occurring in anyone is extremely rare, with the absolute highest risk being labeled around one in every 100,000 person, which is relatively similar to the risk of someone who is not receiving chiropractic care having a stroke. Other studies show that serious injuries being connected to chiropractic care are closer to one in every four million people seen.

While we do encourage every person to do their own research about medical treatment they are thinking of undergoing, we do want to stress the importance of going to reputable sources for this information. Medical journals or official websites such as the ACA are going to be much more reliable than sources like People Magazine. While we are sure the reporters who work there are wonderful people, they don’t have to have their information vetted in the same way medical reporters do. Always remember to look for a few legitimate sources before drawing a conclusion about something.

If you are still concerned and would prefer to talk face to face with someone, then come on into DiBella Chiropractic. We will do everything in our power to put you at ease in regards to your future medical care and will talk you through everything that we want to do. Never feel uneasy asking what we are doing or what our opinions are about your care. Let us help you in every way that we can!

Chiropractic Specialized Frequently Asked Questions

Chiropractic Specialized Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes, we receive questions that are very specific to the needs and concerns of our individual patients. While we always do our best to put each and every fear to rest, there are some questions that we hear often that are more specific to certain types of patients that may come through our doors. We wanted to address a couple of these here for you so that you can be more at ease when you walk in.

  1. Can I Bring My Child In For Treatment? Yes, most definitely! Here at DiBella Chiropractic we love children, so you can definitely bring in kids of all ages for treatment. We have heard concerns before about having a doctor work on a developing child’s skeletal system, but we can assure you that this is something you can rest easy about. If anything, bringing your child in will help them grow correctly, as chiropractic treatment can help keep the natural proper alignment of a skeleton. There is no basic age limit for children to receive chiropractic care and has in fact been used to benefit infants having trouble breast feeding.

  2. I Have Arthritis and Shouldn’t Crack My Joints, Should I See A Chiropractor? It is a common misconception that if you have developed arthritis you should not crack your knuckles. It is also false that cracking your knuckles causes arthritis. If you have been diagnosed with arthritis of any kind, you should definitely come in and see a chiropractor. Many people find that having chiropractic treatment actually reduces their pain levels that they attribute to arthritis. Definitely come in and see what we can do to help you.

  3. I Take Drugs (legal or illegal), Can I Still Have Chiropractic Care? Although chiropractic doctors do not prescribe medication, they do understand that in some cases they may be required. You most certainly are able to have chiropractic care no matter what your drug use history looks like. If you are concerned, however, it is always a good idea to let your doctor know what you have taken over the past couple of days so that they have a better idea of how to treat you.

We hope that these questions have helped to ease some of your concerns. Come into DiBella Chiropractic and see just how much of a difference chiropractic treatment can make in your life.

Asthma and Chiropractic Care

Asthma and Chiropractic Care

Many of us suffer from upper respiratory issues such as Asthma or other allergies. For those of us who do, or have loved ones who do, know just how damaging they can be. Some cases are so severe that the person cannot even enjoy a normal life. I had a friend growing up who was so allergic to so many things that she had to be homeschooled, was on at least six different medications, and had to be cleared by a doctor to travel anywhere, even in the car to a family member’s house. I remember how miserable she was and always felt terrible for her and her family.

While the subject of this study wasn’t quite so bad, he was certainly one of the worse cases we hear of. This seven year old boy had been diagnosed with asthma at five months and also suffered from severe allergies and chronic colds. He would miss at least a day or two of school every month due to his illnesses and would have to take monthly trips to the doctor. He was also on a once a day dose of prescription Alavert for his allergies and Albuterol for asthma. As an adult, I am on one medication a day and that is bad enough. I cannot imagine how this poor boy must have felt.

His parents brought him into the chiropractor and he received care for misalignments in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbosacral spine. Within two weeks, his parents decided that he no longer needed to take his allergy or asthma medications. Within five months of continued treatment, he was receiving only wellness checks with his doctor. Within the year which this study was written, he was able to go to school every single day and did not miss one due to illness.

To me, this is simply amazing. While we will never suggest that you should receive chiropractic care instead of taking your prescribed medication, this boy and his parents decided that the care he received was so effective he could get off of his and would still be okay. In fact, it seems he was much better without the medication and with the substitution of chiropractic care. There is nothing wrong with taking medication, but I think it’s wonderful this little boy didn’t need to worry about it again.

Heat Stroke - Chiropractors Corner

Heat Stroke - Chiropractors Corner

For me, the summer means swimming, good food, and spending time with friends outside. While it is not my favorite season, I can certainly understand why some people enjoy it so much. Unfortunately, not everything about the summer is all sunshine and rainbows. There are certain issues that you can develop almost exclusively in the summer. If nothing else, it is certainly much easier to see these problems during the hotter months of the year. While we hope that you never experience or see these issues, we also know how incredibly important it is for you to know the warning signs for these problems.

One of the most terrifying summer issues is heat stroke. Heat stroke is an absolutely horrifying disease and you should never mess around when you think either you or someone else is experiencing it. Heat stroke is something that you want to seek medical attention for immediately and do not second guess calling an ambulance if you think someone is having a heat stroke. Here are some of the symptoms to help you recognize what you may be looking for.

  • Nausea

  • Headache

  • Vomiting

  • Vertigo

  • Dizziness

  • Rapid Heartbeat

  • Fatigue

  • Dry Skin

  • Hot skin

  • Decreased Sweating

  • Decreased Urination

  • Shortness of Breath

  • Blood in Stool

  • Blood in Urine

  • Confusion

  • Anxiety

  • Delirium

  • Loss of Consciousness

  • Extreme Fever

  • Convulsions

The horrifying thing about heat stroke is that it can come on suddenly without much to any prior warning. If you are with someone who starts to exhibit these symptoms, call for medical attention immediately. Try and get some fluids in the person, get them to a shady and cool area, and stay with them until help arrives. Heat stroke can be, and sadly often is, fatal. Those who are older are at an increased risk of heat related illnesses and should be monitored closely when in the heat for an extended period of time.

Here at DiBella Chiropractic, we normally help out with your joints or your muscles. We do care about you as a person, though, which is why we wanted to remind you that heat can kill. While we certainly want you to have a good time during the summer, just remember that it can be dangerous. Come into our office and rest assured that we will look out for every aspect of your health.

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