Whiplash - Gastonia Chiropractor

Whiplash - Gastonia Chiropractor

One of the most common injuries we see after someone is in a car accident is whiplash. I'm sure by now we all know whiplash is bad, but what exactly is it? What kind of treatment do you need to receive for it? There are dozens of questions that people have about whiplash, and they don't often get asked until after someone has already been diagnosed. While we obviously don't want you to end up diagnosed with whiplash, we always think it is a good idea to be familiar with the signs and symptoms, so here is a brief overview of the disorder:

Whiplash is a neck injury caused by a sharp, fast head movement front to back that resembles the movement of a whip. This usually occurs as the result of a car accident, but is also sometimes seen in abuse cases and sports injuries. Often, a case of whiplash will result in the victim having neck pain, stiffness, and headaches. It can, however, also include loss of movement, tingling or numbness, dizziness, fatigue, blurred vision, irritability, trouble focusing, memory issues, depression, tenderness, tinnitus, and sleep difficulties just to name a few. While it is always important to see a doctor after a car crash, it is even more important to do so if you suddenly develop even a single one of these symptoms so that you can get the proper treatment and documentation for whatever you may need it for.

Most people who develop whiplash can often self-treat it until it gets better within a few weeks, but you always want to double check that any pain you feel isn’t from something like muscle damage or a fracture. It is especially important to seek medical attention if you have had whiplash before, are older, or have a pre-existing condition that can be aggravated by a condition like whiplash. It is different for every person, so it is always a good idea to get checked by a doctor just in case you have more risk factors and don't even know it.

Receiving chiropractic care after a car accident is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. If you were hurt in a crash, you need to come into DiBella and let us help you with your pain. Getting the proper care is important, so we will do everything we can to get you back to normal. Call us today and see what a difference it makes!

Auto Injuries - Gastonia Chiropractor - 4/19/2021

Auto Injuries - Gastonia Chiropractor

Auto Injuries

Far too many of us have been in car accidents or know someone else who was. The odds are unfortunately good that everyone reading this can think of at least one person. It is very common to at least be in a minor accident, or a fender bender, but severe crashes are sadly rather frequent as well. It can be hard to think of yourself as lucky when you're in a crash, but it is important to remember that things could have turned out very differently based on small changes such as the angle you were hit or the speed at which either party was going. It can be terrifying to think that something that most of us do every day can be so dangerous and deadly, but unfortunately it all too often is.

As it is, the most commonly documented cause of car accidents is distracted driving. This can mean anything from taking a bite of your bagel in the morning to adjusting your GPS to texting while you drive. It is dangerous to do anything that could take your attention off the road in front of you, so it is important to do your best to avoid as many of these distractions as possible. Leaving your phone in the backseat or waking up a little earlier in order to eat breakfast at home can be great ways to help reduce the chance of you becoming distracted while you drive.

When you are in a car accident, there is a chance that you won't get injured at all. Most often, however, you can count on at least being sore for the next few days. Even if you don't feel like you were hurt on impact, pain can definitely set in once the adrenaline from the impact itself has worn off. Problems such as whiplash and sometimes even broken bones can go unnoticed for any amount of time depending on how your body and mind reacts to the incident. Even if you don't notice a problem right away, it is important to call a doctor and get checked out regardless of how severe the accident was.

If you have been hurt in a car crash, come into DiBella Chiropractic as soon as you can. Our pain management methods can make all the difference in your injury. We know how frightening being in a crash is, but we know how important your recovery is. Give us a call, and set up an appointment today!

Bulging and Herniated Discs - Gastonia Chiropractor

Bulging and Herniated Discs

When someone complains about something being wrong with a disc in their back, we often hear the terms “disc herniation” and “disc bulge”. Here at DiBella Chiropractic, we know that these two things are completely different problems, but we also know that not everyone will know the difference between them. It may seem like focusing on the difference between them is silly since both are painful, but there is a large difference when it comes to treatment options. In order to fully appreciate the difference, let's learn a little bit about the spine itself.

The spine has a few parts that you need to be at least somewhat familiar with in order to understand the difference between herniation and bulging. The first part is the disc. This is the element between the vertebrae that acts like a cushion so the bones don’t rub together. Looking closer, the disc itself has two parts. These are called the nucleus and the annulus. The nucleus is the center, which is soft and jelly-like. The annulus is the exterior part of the disc, which is tougher. The annulus protects the nucleus from the vertebrae, like a hard shell. However, sometimes the annulus cracks or gets a tear in it. When this happens, the nucleus can seep out, which causes pain. If a nerve is touched, it may cause multiple symptoms, including pain or numbness. This is a disc herniation.

Bulges, on the other hand, are simply caused by normal wear and tear to the disc. Often times, the person doesn't experience any symptoms. The main difference between a bulge and a herniation is the type of displacement that occurs. There is technically less displacement from a herniation than there is a bulge, yet the pain is normally more severe. It should be mentioned, however, that a bulge in your spinal disc will catch up to you. Anything that involves your back will need to be dealt with sooner or later. It is always important to get any pain checked out by a professional.

If you believe you may have a herniated or bulging disc and are looking for a way to deal with the pain, call DiBella Chiropractic as soon as possible. We know that it can be difficult to find time to see a doctor, but your back deserves the extra care. Come in today and be amazed at how much we can help you feel!

Sciatica - Gastonia Chiropractor

Although most people know that sciatica generally means a lot of pain at the point, few people know exactly what sciatica really is. With so many different pain conditions that any one person can develop, it can be difficult to keep track of them all. Even just the difference between acute and chronic pain can seem to blur, and this is especially true when it comes to pain that you experience with your back and neck. So what is sciatica and what do you need to watch for if you think you have it?

The term sciatica is based off of the sciatic nerve, which goes from your lower back down both legs. When you have any pain that travels along this nerve for any reason, it falls under the umbrella term of sciatica. There can be any number of things that cause this pain, but it is most commonly due to a herniated disk, bone spurs, or a narrowing of the spine. These three issues may be fairly common, but that doesn’t mean they aren't painful. In fact, the pain from sciatica can be, and often is, completely debilitating. The swelling and numbness that accompanies it is concerning enough that you should always take the first sign of symptoms seriously and seek medical assistance immediately to catch it before it gets worse.

The symptoms of sciatica are straightforward, yet can be confusing at the same time. People often experience pain which radiates down their leg from the spine, but they may also experience numbness, muscle weakness, or tingling in the leg. People may have one of those symptoms in one spot of the leg, and a different symptom in a different area. The pain can feel like anything from a mild ache to sharp, shooting pain, a burning sensation, or even an electrical shock. It may feel more intense if you sit for extended periods of time, if you stand for too long, or if your body spasms, as if with a strong cough or sneeze. These widely varying symptoms are why you need to go to a doctor to get a proper diagnosis.

If you suspect you may be suffering from sciatica, call DiBella Chiropractic. Surgery is rarely needed, but you do need medical confirmation. If your back hurts, you need to have a professional look at it. Come on in, and see how much better we can make you feel!

Diversified Technique - Gastonia Chiropractor

When you go to a chiropractor, you may think that the whole point of them is to just crack your back and neck and let you go home. On the surface that may be true, but there really is a lot more that goes into a visit. What you don't see are the years of medical school, the added years of training as a chiropractor, and the constant learning that goes into keeping your bones and muscles feeling great. One of the ways that chiropractors get to do this is through learning different techniques that may be more effective for certain people or certain types of injuries.

One of the techniques that your chiropractor may use for you is known as the diversified technique. This is a style of chiropractic care that uses short, quick thrusts over one joint at a time in an attempt to get joints more mobile again. This technique is one of the most common used and has multiple uses and goals. Diversified technique has been shown to be particularly useful in helping to treat musculoskeletal disorders, migraine headaches, pregnancy-based issues, inward curvature of the neck, and even improved blood sugar readings. While there may be other factors that can help these issues to resolve, the chiropractic care certainly won't hurt to try!

As with almost any other technique that is used by chiropractors, the diversified technique is taught in conjunction with other methods during the 4 year program at chiropractic schools. There are some institutions that offer a specialized course based in this technique in an attempt to increase the comfort and proficiency of their students, but any chiropractor will have at least a base understanding of this process. The average chiropractor will use five or six different techniques, but 96 percent of those that reported to a study said that the diversified technique is one that they use.

If you have been considering coming into DiBella Chiropractic but aren't sure what you want done, consider researching the diversified technique. It is often used and has had wonderful results over a wide range of injuries and pain from a large sample group. Even if you don't think your pain is severe, you may be amazed at how much better you feel after a visit. It can be hard to realize just how much you carry around with you on a day to day basis, so let us help today!

Pinched Nerves - Gastonia Chiropractor

While a pinched nerve may sound like something that should be an easy fix, it really is something that can not only derail your day, but can take a long time to heal from. The pain and other often severe symptoms that are often experienced as a result of pinched nerves can leave you without the ability or energy to do much of anything on the daily. While some people can work through the pain for a bit, many end up with too much pain to do most tasks, or at least need to take everything considerably easier because of the pinched nerve. This obviously isn’t a long term solution, especially if you have a job outside of the home or people who rely on you to do other tasks. Being diagnosed with a pinched nerve doesn’t have to bring your life to a stop, but you do need to be careful if you think you have one.

Pinched nerves are caused by high amounts of pressure placed on a nerve by the surrounding body parts. This pressure can cause different issues in the area, which can cause severe pain. Pinched nerve pain lingers, so if you have extensive pain you need to call DiBella Chiropractic and see a doctor. If you aren’t sure if you are experiencing symptoms of a pinched nerve, here are some symptoms to look out for:

  • Muscle weakness in an isolated area
  • Pain that feels either sharp or aching, which normally radiates out from a specific point
  • Numbness or decreased sensation in an isolated area
  • Tingling, or a feeling of “pins and needles”, as if a limb has fallen asleep
  • Any of these symptoms getting worse during the night

In order to be diagnosed, you will likely need to have a series of tests done that your doctor will request. These often include imaging tests and/or electrical pulse tests which help your doctor determine if the issue is in your nervous system or if it is something else. From there, you may need physical therapy, medication, or even surgery depending on how extensive the damage is.

If you want to see what your treatment options are before you resort to surgery, give us a call. We are here to help you feel better even if your nerves are acting up. We know how painful a pinched nerve can be and will do everything we can to help you feel better, so come in today!

Headaches - Gastonia Chiropractor

When you have a headache, you just want to be able to shut down for the day. It can feel nearly impossible to go through your day with the same excitement and energy that you normally exude when you are suffering from any kind of pain. It is exhausting to try and work through any pain, but especially when it is centered in your head. One of the worst things about headaches is that there are so many different kinds and causes. What works to get you relief one day may not help the next. If your headache is caused by exhaustion, you may be able to just take a nap and wake up feeling better. If you have a headache that seems to be aggravated by sound, you can sit and rest in a quiet room for a few hours. If, however, it is stress based, these things may not help at all. While you might not automatically know how to fight the pain, headaches don't have to take over your whole life.

The worst part about a headache is how long they seem to stay. When you have a bad headache, it often feels like it's never going to go away. You can get a headache from just about anything, too. One can occur when sitting in the same position for too long or not drinking enough water. While a rogue headache now and then can be disruptive, when you deal with them frequently, something needs to be done to help you through the day.

Headaches are one of the most commonly treated issues here at DiBella Chiropractic. We know how badly they can set you back in your schedule and how frustrating it is, especially when they are frequent. Don't feel like you have to get through the pain on your own, we know how common these issues are without treatment. Thankfully, chiropractic care has been shown to help relieve headaches of all kinds.

If you suffer from chronic headaches, give us a call. We know it can be difficult to find the time, but it is important to invest in yourself and your health, so come in and see what a difference chiropractic care can make. We can help you combat your headaches without medication, which is a great help for many people. We understand that headaches could be things you're experiencing at work or throughout your busy schedule, but we know that we can make you feel better and back to your old self. Call and schedule your first appointment today!

Acupuncture - Gastonia Chiropractor

Even though many of us know the basics of what acupuncture is, few people have actually had any experience with it. It is a treatment that has been used for centuries that originated in China and has a large base of people who swear by it. It is meant to help balance the flow of energy through the body by helping to open pathways to “chi”, which is the life force that everyone has according to the belief. This is done by inserting needles into specific spots on the body in an effort to clear the meridians (those are what the pathways practitioners believe you to have are called) and allow your energy to flow correctly once again.

There is a different view as to what acupuncture does and why it seems to work. Many people believe that the reason acupuncture works is because you are hitting certain points in the body such as nerves, muscles, and connective tissue. It may also help to boost the painkillers that your body naturally creates. This is why it is often suggested when you have pain in specific spots, such as tooth pain, headaches, back and neck pain, and menstrual cramps. It has also been suggested for things like nausea after surgery or chemotherapy, arthritis, fibromyalgia, respiratory problems, and even labor pain.

As with any type of medical treatment, it is important that you find someone who is certified to do the treatment. Due to the fact that you are using needles, it is important that they be sterile and the majority of people will now use disposable, single-use needles to ensure the sharpness and cleanliness. Even still, there are some reasons why you shouldn’t undergo acupuncture. If you have a pacemaker or bleeding disorder, or if you are taking blood thinners, you should talk to your doctor first. If you are pregnant you should also be careful, as there is evidence that some acupuncture treatments may cause premature delivery.

If you are interested in talking more about acupuncture, call DiBella Chiropractic today. We are open to many different treatments just as long as they are safe and helpful. The main thing at the end of the day is you and your health and comfort. If you are unsure about acupuncture or any other kinds of treatment that you may have heard about, come in and talk to the doctor. It certainly doesn’t hurt to ask and you never know if you will find the thing that makes you feel great!

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